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There are solar farms being built and maintained across the country. They provide dollars of energy supply to the grid. Cameras alone are not enough to protect your site. 

Consider using Public Security LLC  to your site under construction or already operational.

Public Security LLC is security and investigation firm led by a former member of the U.S. Secret Service. 

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Armed Security Officers Vs. Security Cameras

Do not be deceived into believing that security cameras alone make you safe. If you search Youtube, you can find countless murders, sexual assaults, robberies abductions all taking place in the face of a security camera. 

The cameras did a great job documenting the but didn't stop the crimes. Criminals know to simply wear a mask and it is business as usual. Current public opinion is that once a security camera is installed, they don't have to worry about crime. Many cameras can't even record the crime at night because of the low quality of the camera.

Security cameras are an excellent supplement and tool. It should be part of your security plan. It should never be your entire security plan and only tool that you are depending on. There are security cameras at military forts, but without an armed protective force, would those cameras stop anyone from attacking?  The answer is "no". 

It is the same for your solar power site. Clients need armed private security officers to respond to threats and act as  Chances are, once you have Security Officers on your site, criminals will choose a softer target, one without armed security.

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Public Security LLC 855-589-2267 Maryland & New York

Private Security Like You Have 
Never Seen It Before

A community church in Hyattsville, Maryland had become victim to robberies when they gave free gifts to their parishioners during the holiday season.

Some of the gifts they gave their parishioners were gift cards, new clothing, cell phones, kids toys even cash. It was a nice gesture that personally touched their parishioners and many people in the community.

The good citizens of the community were not the only ones to notice the charity and good graces of the small church in Hyattsville, the criminals also noticed. Parishioners were getting mugged walking from the front door of the church to their car with their new gifts. Crafty criminals even attended the services of the small church. If the criminals didn't win the door prize that they wanted when the church gave out prizes, they tried to take the newly given gift away from the recipient right there in the church during services.

It is hard to believe what a person is capable of doing to another. It sounds like a story that took place in a far away country or war zone. These incidents and many more like it occur almost in Maryland and throughout the United States.
The church that was encountering these problems sought out the services of a serious private security company in Maryland named "Public Security LLC".

Ready to confront any threat, Public Security LLC secured the church events with their armed Officers and using their high visibility vehicles. All which are fitted with dashboard camcorders to document encounters with suspected criminals.

Needless to say, the criminals that would prey on the members of this church have moved on to a more easy target somewhere else.

The company is led by a former member of the U.S. Secret Service, Barry Donadio.
He formed the company after serving an honorable career in multiple agencies. He knows what he is doing when it comes to deterring crime and anti-terrorism.

"Mission accomplished in Hyattsville!", said Mr. Donadio. "Criminals have a choice when dealing with Public Security LLC. "Get charged, get arrested and get ultimately incarcerated or they can move on and away from our clients and their assets. We are ready for they make." "If they perpetrate a crime, we will move to have them prosecuted."

After the introduction of this company into the complex issues of the church, there were no longer any problems. No more robberies and no more crimes. Parishioners were able to practice their faith safely without any worries.

Public Security LLC has protected many large scale events, churches, businesses even homes. They even have clients that use their private executive protection services that mimic the Secret Service.

Public Security LLC maintains a sub-station at 620 4H Park Road Maryland 21658. Staff advised that access to the sub-station is by appointment only.

                         Maryland Private Detective Agency License # 106-4352